Procedures, requirements and all information related to el Permiso de Circulación.

El Permiso de Circulación is a permit including a yearly tax paid by vehicle owners which allows cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles to legally circulate throughout the streets of the country. If you have an off-road vehicle, you may be exempt.



• Renewal for used cars:

  • Previous year’s permiso de circulación
  • Valid technical revision report or standardization and emissions certificate (certificado de homologación, if applicable –new vehicles are exempt from technical revision for a set number of years)
  • Copy of compulsory insurance contract (SOAP), valid during the life of the permit
  • Vehicle ownership documents/Civil Registry registration (padrón)

• New Cars:

  • Copy of vehicle ownership documents/Civil Registry Registration
  • Standardization and emissions certificate (certificado de homologación if applicable –new vehicles are exempt from technical revision for a set number of years)
  • Standardization and emissions norms certificate (certificado de normas de homologación)
  • Compulsory insurance contract (SOAP), valid during the life of the permit
  • If a new vehicle is purchased after March 31st, you will only pay for the remaining months as opposed to the full year’s permit cost.

• Vehicles you will not be driving during the year:

  • You must still pay a municipal fee and indicate the motive in a signed, notarized document which expires every 30th of November.


See here if you have any outstanding fines, tickets, previous circulation permits (including those from previous owners!), etc. before renewing your driving permit. If so, they must be paid before attaining a new permit. Unpaid balances can be paid at the municipality where the fine was issued or directly with authorized centers administering the permisos de circulación.

Important Dates

February 1st to March 31st: personal vehicles, motorcycles, vans, ambulances, luxury, rental or service cars, hearses, station wagons, trucks, and towing attachments hauling up to 1750 kilograms.

May: taxis and buses.

September: cargo vehicles, scooters, bicycles with motors, industrial and agricultural tractors and vehicles, tractor trucks, towing attachments hauling more than 1750 kilograms.



Every year the Internal Tax Services (Servicio de Impuestos Internos (SII)) sets the official tax based on the vehicle’s make and year determining the value of each permit. See here to view the amount for your automobile, truck, and other light/passenger vehicles. (For heavy/industrial vehicles, trailers, etc. see here.)

You can pay with cash, credit cards, and checks. If you do not have any outstanding balances or unpaid fines, you can pay in two installments, 50% upfront and 50% in August. Taxis and buses pay the remanding 50% in June while motorcycles and cargo vehicles complete payment in October.


Where Can You Pay

The permit must be paid at the municipality where your vehicle is registered and authorized centers scattered throughout the city including Servipag Offices. See here for municipal locations.

Some municipalities offer online payments and accept scanned copies of required documents; contact your local municipality to make sure they offer this service.

If you would like to renew your permit at a different municipality from the previous year, you must submit a permit transfer application at the new municipality. In Santiago, you have until January 31 to make this change.

If you do not pay:
Your vehicle can be confiscated or towed by the authorities if it is circulating through public streets. You can also become a defaulter subject to fines or higher interests. In addition, when you do renew your registration, a fine of 1.5% of the value of the permit will be applied.
If your vehicle is towed and you opted to pay in two installments, but failed to pay the remaining 50%, there is a 35% fee in addition to the outstanding balance. 1 to 1.5 UTM infraction fee will be issued by the Carabineros de Chile as well.

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